Science in Christian Perspective


The ASA Library

R. L. Mixter

From: JASA 7 (June 1955): 2

EDITOR'S NOTE: The ASA library is located in Wheaton, Illinois and Dr. R. L. Mixter is the Librarian. To acquaint you with it, he was asked to make some comments , which are presented below:

The library of the A.S.A. was accumulated to help those at a distance from an apologetics source to have a readily available supply of sound, sane, and scientific literature. Any book may be borrowed at any time by any member by asking the librarian for it. Probably a month is long enough to keep a book unless a longer time would aid a research paper.

In our collection should be each significant recent book, so we ought to acquire such books as Ramm's THE CHRISTIAN VIEW OF SCIENCE AND SCRIPTURE, Clark's A CHRISTIAN VIEW OF MEN AND THINGS, and Carnell's AN INTRODUCTION TO APOLOGETICS, the Eerdman_ prize-winning book published in 1948. If you have read a volume that you consider worth reading from the Christian and scientific point of view, let the librarian know so he may suggest its purchase by the executive council. Obviously we would like to have copies of books and articles which you have written. An attempt will be made to own all books reviewed in the journal.

A few titles are listed to show some of our acquisitions. THE TRANSACTIONS OF THE VICTORIA INSTITUTE, a set nearly complete from its inception, are comparable to volumes of the Journal of the A.S.A. Published in Great Britain, they give some of the best English thought on our mutual concerns. Our Journal occasionally reprints articles from this source. SCIENCE AND CHRISTIAN FAITH by Edward Le Roy Long is an expression from the liberal viewpoint, as is also Morrison's MAN DOES NOT STAND ALONE, a reply to Julian Huxley's MAN STANDS ALONE. Morrison's work was reviewed in the Readers Digest, December 1946 as "Seven Reasons Why a Scientist Believes in God".

Some books have had a flare in Christian circles but have been repudiated by careful criticism. Perhaps you wish a sample as an illustration of evangelical eagerness. I prefer not to publish the titles, but will send a reply to any queries for suggestions. Should you be writing on scriptural science, the librarian would gladly list titles he has pertaining to the subject. If you wish a list of the books now on hand, please write to the librarian.

What can you offer as additional functions of our books or their guardian? Your letter of helpful hints will be appreciated. "Reading maketh a full man".


Dr. J. R. Howitt has for several years been Chairman of the Constitutional Revision Committee. In this he has worked almost entirely alone due to the geographical spread of the Committee membership. This work has been difficult because of the diversity of opinion on the subject and it is a thorny problem. He has put in a lot of work on the revision and has now terminated it. The A.S.A. appreciates the efforts he has given to this project. Dr. Howitt has asked that we publish his thanks

and appreciation for all of the letters he received concerning this topic, many of which he was unable to answer individually because of the pressure of time and work.