Science in Christian Perspective



Further With Christ In the Publication of Chinese Christian Literature

By Dr. Y. T. Chin, Ph.D.

Pastor of Heap Gay U. B. Church, Hong Kong and

Superintendent of U. B. Mission in China

From: JASA 7 (June 1955): 26-28.

As Chinese Christian literature is so limited, there is a great demand of good books for the Christians to read. In spite of the fact that only about 10% of the Chinese can read and write and the majority of the Chinese Christians cannot read English, even most preachers and pastors of churches in Hong Kong cannot read books printed in English, it is a special fea ture of our Heap Gay U. B. Church to print more books and tracts in Chinese for them to read and at the same time we want those who want to study something about Christianity to read our books and tracts.

To go further with Christ in the publication of Christian literature we should write and print as many books and tracts as we can. Good books in English should be translated into Chinese for the Chinese Christians and non-Christians so that they may have a better knowledge of Christianity and the Church, that their faith will be strengthened and the luke-warm members of the church be encouraged to render more service to the Master, We also want to reach the non-Christian Chinese with our tracts, giving them the Gospel message of salvation and telling them more about our Savior.

For the last five years of my ministry in Hong Kong as pastor of the Heap Gay and Zion churches, I have written and printed 90 different kinds of tracts and 20 books, many of which have been sponsored by the local W.M.A. of each Branch, and Christian friends, too numerous to mention.

Our tracts and books have been sent to the overseas Chinese in Macao, Formosa, Japan, Philippines, Indonesia, Indo-china, Burma, Siam, Singapore, Malaya, Mauritius, Honolulu, U.S.A., Canada, South America and Europe. As there are 25 million Chinese living outside of the bamboo curtain, we want to reach as many of them as possible. This is the most economical way of reaching the unreached with our printed page.

In Hong Kong, Kowloon and British New Territory we have distributed our tracts and books among the two hundred thousand students and 60,000 Christians. We also give away our tracts to the hotels, hospitals, clinics, stores or shops, restaurants, churches, schools and homes. We also distribute them among passengers traveling in ferries across the harbor, street cars and buses. Our Bible women and our Christian workers and the author always carry a good supply of our Christian literature so that we may give to those who are interested. We have received quite a few letters from our readers who are appreciative of our work and asked us questions. I was told that one Christian woman who attempted to commit suicide unsuccessfully, was given some of my tracts to read in the hospital. She received comfort and repented. She wanted to read more and asked her brother to get them for her to read. Dr. S. C. Young, a very earnest Christian in Hong Kong always carried our tracts in his pockets and brief case so that he could give them away to his patients and to those who are enquirers of the Christian truth. We sincerely hope that many of our readers may be won to Christ so that more souls may be saved. This is the aim of our work and we request many prayer warriors to pray for our work.

Pastors of the churches in Hong Kong, Kowloon and Macao give away some of our tracts and books to the new converts or candidates who prepare themselves for baptism.

Among the books that we have printed, we have six volumes of sermons, three volumes of our books on Christianity and Science (the third volume will be printed next spring) ; one volume of Bible stories for children (two more volumes to be written) ; two volumes of Bible characters, (more to be written and printed later) ; two volumes of Religious and Christmas plays; Spiritual Milk, Spikenard, Nutrition and Health and a hymn book in Chinese and English and romanized Chinese; and the Prodigal Son and "On What Does A Man Live? (Four act play)."

I want to give the contents of the above mentioned book so that we may receive suggestions and criticism, that we could find out what to write or translate in the near future.

SERMONS-Volume 1. Christ's Mission; The Cross of Christ; The Wonderful Christ; Who is Jesus? Christ's world; The beginning of the Gospel; The Greatest Friend; Jesus Christ, our Model Teacher; From whence cometh Jesus? The meaning of Christmas; Victory with Christ; the call of Christ; Why we choose Christ; Lord of Life and Imitating Christ.

Volume 11. Hearers and doers; Gain through loss; The Only Truth; Brevity of life; God's unspeakable gift; Some Christian certainties; Faith and hope; "Be not afraid, only believe."; Does God still care? The proper attitude of suffering; Our knowledge of the Bible; The art of prayer; Christian fellowship; "Preach the Gospel"; and How to preach the Gospel.

Volume III. Do young people need Jesus Christ? The importance of Christian education for children; An excellent gift (The Bible) ; "Ye are the light of the world." Scientific and religious view of life; Not by bread alone; our physical & spiritual needs; The Christian way of life; Marks of a Christian; Greatest thing in the world; the secret of success; The secret of happiness; The God Who satisfies; The source and proper use of wisdom; and Consecration.

Volume TV. Does God exist? After death, what? How to be born again? What power has the Blood of Jesus Christ? What values has the Bible? What is the most precious thing in the world? Which way are yoti looking? What to think about? Habits; Character Training; Choice between good and evil; our Wonderful Protector; The potter and his clay; Eternal life problems; and the three phases of the Christian life.

Volume V. The Church and its members; The nature of the church; The victorious church; The church in the days of the apostles; The mission of the church today; some suggestions for the development of the church; Baptism and Holy Communion; Christian worship; Pastors, elders and deacons; Sunday school, Young People Missionary Bands and Harvesters; Heavenly citizenship; "Ye are the salt of the earth"; Fruit bearing; Duties of church members and Living for Christ.

Volume VI. Suffering and life; Christ and peace; A Christian's -view of life; Optimism and pessimism; Growth and fruit-bearing; Love and hatred; The Bible and life; Christmas meditations (two sermons) ; The new man; Mountain climbing and descending; The flesh and the spirit; Responsibility of stewardship; progress and retrogression; self-exaltation and humility.

SPIRITUAL MILK. Christ and life; What is the greatest need? Spiritual milk; Choose the right way; A model Christian (Caleb); God Eternal; Youth and religious conviction; "Be ye wise as serpents"; God's plans; The Prince of Peace; Spiritual growth; Working with God; Spiritual engineering; Hold fast the good; The portrait of Christ.

CHRISTIANITY AND SCIENCE (Christianity stands the tests of science),

Volume 1. Science, a way to God; Is there any conflict between Christianity and science? Belief in God and advancement in science; Science proves God - Miracles and science; Is science almighty? Science and Christians; Mutual help of Christianity and science; Science shows the Providence of God; Science confirms the teachings of the Bible.

Volume II. Spiritual science; Spiritual agriculture

Spiritual vitamins; Spiritual biology; Spiritual medicine; Spiritual chemistry; Spiritual physics; Spiritual Mathematics; Science and God; Science and Satan.

Volume III (in press). Evolution and creation; Science proves the resurrection of Christ; The atomic age and the new sense of moral; Revelation of light-, The riddle of life; A scientist's view of life; Bible and modern science; Modern science and the flood; a Christian Interpretation of science; Medical Science and the Bible.


Volume 1. Joseph, a model f or young people; Joshua, the victorious general; Deborah, the courageous judge; Esther, the sacrificial queen; Daniel, the fearless statesman; Mary, the mother of Jesus; Bartimaeus, a blind man with spiritual sight; Zacchaeus, the twice-born publican; Mary of Bethany, the woman immortalized by Christ; Stephen, the first Christian martyr.

~ Vol II. Noah, the first preacher; 'Abraham, father of the faithful; Moses, the law-giver; Samuel, the upright judge; The Shunammite, a woman of good example; John, the baptist, the "forerunner of Christ; Peter, the apostle who loved Christ; Paul, the Apostle and Missionary; Lydia, a good Christian business woman; Aquila and Priscilla, a model couple.


(1) For children. The fall. of Adam and Eve; The destruction of Sodorn and Gomorrah; The trial of Dear Friends, Abraham's faith; Esau made a bad bargain; Joseph, a good example for youth; A happy family re-union; the stratagem for taking Ai; "The sword of the Lord and of Gideon"; The bait of Samson; Samuel, the boy who could hear God's voice; David, the giant killer; Ying Saul; The wisdom of Solomon; How the food that never grew less; True and false prophets; Naaman and the phophet; Esther, the patriotic queen; Job, the patient man; The fiery furnace and the lions' den; and the city of Nineveh.

(2) SPIKENARD. The forbidden fruit; The great flood; Sacrifice; A happy re-union; A miracle; The Holy Child-, Spikenard; The Cross; Resurrection of Christ; and regeneration.

(1) The Prodigal Son in three acts.

(2) On What Does Man Live? Religious play in f our acts.

(3) One Act Religious plays.

Volume 1. The good Samaritan; God is Love; A cup of cold water; The Lord is risen; The shepherds; and A family celebrates Christmas.

Volume II. (in press). Christmas night; The birth of Christ; Santa Claus; An Ideal Family; Whose home is in heaven? and A Happy Christmas.

Selected hymns in English and Chinese and Romanized Cantonese. 50 hymns with 609 Chinese characters. Nutrition And Health-For Preachers and Laymen

The author wants to take this opportunity to express thanks to all sponsors of our tracts and books. Suggestions, criticisms will be gratefully received. We want to continue writing and printing more tracts and books in the near ftuure. We want those who are interested in our work to pray for all our readers so that they will study the Bible and accept Jesus Christ as their Savior. Thus the aim of our publication of Chinese Christian literature is fulfilled and souls who read our books and tracts will be saved and won to Jesus Christ.

Our committee for publication consists of Dr. Y. T. Chin, editor in chief; Mr. C. C. Owyang, assistant editor who is supported by the W. M. A. of the U. B. in Christ Church In Glendale, Calif.; Messrs. C. T. Lum, S. Y. Lee, H. T. Ho, Y. S. Tse and H. T. Owyang.

Ehilele teaching at Huntington College for 2 semesters (until June 15, 1955) the writer has more time to study, translate and write and send manuscripts to our publishing committee in Hong Kong to print more books, tracts and plays.