Science in Christian Perspective




Science and Scripture
D. N. Eggenberger

From: JASA 7 (December 1956): 2.

Few books have stirred up as much discussion in the evangelical press as has Bernard Ramm's The Christian View of Science and Scripture. It may seem somewhat late for this journal to now add another to a long list of reviews of his book. However, after reading some of them, it appears that it is now even more important that it be published.

Ramm. has covered a variety of fields of science as well as theology in order to produce such a book. Scholars are extremely rare who have succeeded in completing an advanced education in both fields, as the author has done. As a result his book has been reviewed for the most part by those who fail to appreciate Ramin's point of view, and his work has often been quite unjustly treated.

Early last spring, Mr. James Buswell suggested to the Editor that each of the fields surveyed in the book be reviewed by someone trained and versed in that field. This should give Ramm's work a more accurate evaluation. The selected fields for coverage are Anthropology, Astronomy, Biology, and Theology. This representative sampling of scientific fields should therefore provide an appraisal of the general content and significance of Ramm's book.