Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 6 Number 1    March 1954

On the Work of the Swiss Zoologist, Adolf Portmann [HTML]          5    van der Ziel, Aldert Article
A Reading Course in General Anthropology [cont.] [HTML]          10    Buswell, James O., III Article
The National Interest and Foreign Policy [HTML]          14    Kamm, S.R. Article
The Bible and Physical Research [HTML]          21    Wise, Carl S. Article
A Criticism of the ASA Monograph, 'Creation and Evolution' [HTML]          24    anon. Article
Answer re. Criticism of ASA Monograph on Creation and Evolution [HTML]          24    Mixter, Russell L. Letter to the Editor
Criticism of ASA Monograph on Creation and Evolution [HTML]          24    McClendon, John H. Letter to the Editor
Piltdown Man [HTML]          29    Buswell, J. O., III Letter to the Editor
Continuous Creation [HTML]          30    Gingerich, Owen Letter to the Editor
Genesis and Geology: Deluge Geology [HTML]          32    Turekian, K. Letter to the Editor
Life-Philosophy [HTML]          33    Knudsen, R. D. Communication
ASA Publication Policy [HTML]          35    Sinclair, J. C. Letter to the Editor
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