Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

Volume 5 Number 2    March 1953

The Contributions of Anthropology to the Understanding of Race [HTML]          4    Buswell, James O., III Article
The Spheres of Revelation and Science: What are Their Limitations [HTML]          8    Clark, R.E.D. Article
Spontaneous Generation [part 1 of 2] [HTML]          18    Knobloch, Irving W. Letter to the Editor
Old Age Adjustment [HTML]          18    Houser, Frank E., Jr. Letter to the Editor
Philosophical Miscellanea [on H. Dooyeweerd] [HTML]          20    Knudsen, R. D. Letter to the Editor
Carbon 14 and Cosmology [HTML]          21    Turekian, K. Letter to the Editor
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