Science in Christian Perspective

Letter to the Editor


[Victoria Institute]
B. P. Sutherland
P. 0. Box 74, Rossland, B.C.
April 15th, 1953.

From: JASA 5 (June 1953): 1-2.

Dear Sir:

While in England towards the end of the last year I took the opportunity of calling at the office of the Victoria Institute in London. I met Mr. Titterington, the Honorary Secretary of the Institute, to whom I passed on greetings from the American Scientific Affiliation, as requested at our last annual convention in South Dakota.

I was able to attend one of the regular meetings of the Institute. I felt that the paper presented on this occasion was of unusually high scientific quality, as also was the discussion. Unfortunately the subject was not in my field so that I was not able to follow in detail all that was said. Somewhat in contrast to the quality of the paper I was disappointed in the attendance although this was said to be better than usual. It seemed to me that the Victoria Institute shares with many organizations the difficulty of the times-when everyone is too busy. In spite of this a good work is certainly being done in having papers of high quality prepared and published. From some little discussion I had with one or two members in London I understand that efforts are being made to extend the usefulness of the Institute.

In conclusion I would like to suggest that more of our members consider joining the Victoria Institute, thus giving that body a little support, and receiving the benefit of the interesting and useful papers published. 

Yours very truly,
B. P. Sutherland.