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From: JASA 5 (
March 1953): 2

The Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation is intended to be. a medium of discussion on topics pertinent to our Organization's aims. Therefore, we wish to encourage comment amZ -iiscussion both on papers that have already appeared and on new subjects.

To that end we are opening up in the next issue a section for letters and shorter communications. So we invite you to send such letters and items to the Editor.

Space available will be limited so the Editor will reserve the prerogative to publish only those letters and portions thereof he deems pertinent and contributive. Names of the writers will be affixed unless directed otherwise by the author.

The items picked up by the Editor in this issue concerning outside publications by ASA members have all been chance findings. No doubt a great deal of such activity has been overlooked.

We urge you to overcome modesty, in this instance at least, and send in such items about yourself. They will be rewritten in the third person for inclusion under News Items. We, are always interested in what you are doing, such as publishing or presenting papers, receiving awards, and so on.

News Notes

A paper entitled "A Replica Technique in the Study of Chemical Precipitation Processes" by Robert B. Fischer and Joseph E. Ellinger of Indiana University was given at the annual meeting of the Electron Microscope Society of America in Cleveland, November, 1952.

, Announcement was made recently of a book entitled "Vector Analysis" by Earl C. Rex, Assistant Professor at George Pepperdine College. (Win. C. Brown Co., Dubuque, Iowa, 1952. 88 pp. Paperbound $3.25.)

Volume IV (1952) of "Advances in Electronics" contains a chapter entitled "Fluctuation Phenomena" written by Albert van der Ziel of the Department of Electrical Engineering of the University of Minnesota. It is concerned largely with an advanced treatment of the problems of noise in electronic equipment.

The August 4,1952 issue of CHEMICAL AND ENGI NEERING NEWS contains a feature article concerning our fellow A. S. A. member, Werner Von Bergen. The following quotation is taken from this article: "For outstanding achievement in the field  f textile chemistry, Werner von Bergen, director of the research and control laboratories of the Forstmann Woolen Co., will receive this November the Olney Medal of the Ameri can Association of Textile Chemists and Colorists. To Mr. Von Bergen will, , go recognition not only for his countless contributions to wool technology but also for his vigorous, life-long championing of the cause of chemistry in the world's woolen industry." We con gratulate Mr. Von Bergen upon the receiving of this