Science in Christian Perspective




From: JASA 4 (December 1952): 2

The encouraging growth of the A.S.A. has enabled us to take another forward step. A printed rather than a mimeographed Journal has been envisioned by many of us for some time. The demand has now reached the point where a sufficient number of copies can be printed to bring the unit cost within our means. The secretary will have on hand a supply of each issue for those who may wish to purchase extra copies.

The establishment of two classes of membership may have led some Associate Members to feel that the Fellows are primarily responsible for carrying on the work of the A.S.A. That idea should be dispelled now.

We encourage all members to take an active part. The editor will be glad to receive papers along the general lines of endeavor of the A.S.A. to consider for publication. In fact, we are quite dependent upon Associate Members to carry out this very basic part of our activity.

Our field is a broad one. The development of our Christian philosophy of science needs a great deal of attention. New archaelogical and geological finds can well be reported and discussed in relation to Scripture. Another suggestion is a series of articles thoroughly examining the faith of scientists of the past.

We also encourage book reviews. If you have recently read a book pertaining to the field of the A S.A., we would appreciate a review or comments on it. '

A few points for those not familiar with manuscript preparation may be in order. They should be typed doublespaced. Novel points that are not original should be carefully documented with the references. Direct quotations should always have the reference stated. If the quotation is extended copyright permission should be obtained and a copy of the permission sent along with the manuscript.

The editor will be glad to answer questions or give suggestions concerning your paper.