Science in Christian Perspective



Mina G. Hill

Wheaton College News Bureau

From: JASA
4 (December 1952): 2

The American Scientific Affiliation, consisting of a group of Christian scientific men from, various institutions of learning and industries throughout the country, met at the Wheaton College science station in the Black Hills, South Dakota, for discussion of scientific problems in relation to the Holy Scriptures on August 26, 27 and 28. About 40 were in attendance.

Papers were presented by Dr. J. Lawrence Kulp, professor of geology at Columbia University; John C. Sinclair, graduate student of zoology at the University of California; Cordelia Erdman, instructor of geology at Wheaton College; Peter W. Stoner, chairman, math and astronomy at Pasadena College; Dr. James S. Maxwell, Fairmont, West Virginia; George R. Horner, Doctor of Letters, West Africa, and James Sykes, Government station ranger, Black Hills.

Dr. Paul M. Wright, chairman of the chemistry and geology departments at Wheaton College, presided as chairman and led the visiting scientists on field trips through the northern and southern hills.

Dr. Kulp's paper, Recent Events in C-14 Dating, presented the modern viewpoint on the age of man. Carbon 14 technique has revealed the existence of man in America 10,000 years ago. Dr. Kulp hopes to eventually perfect a method dating back 100,000 years which can be used on the more ancient fossil men.

Professor Stoner presented his paper on the Probability in Biblical Prophecy, indicating mathematically that events which have occurred according to Biblical prophecy, could not be coincidental as expounded by the modernist.

Miss Erdman's paper on Stratigraphy and Paleontology dealt with the mistaken idea generally circulated that a geologist must automatically be an evolutionist. She stated that the geologist is a student of strata which are found to contain certain characteristic fossils, showing some strata much older than others, indicating that some forms are of greater age.

Dr. Horner's and Dr. Maxwell's papers presented Child Training in the African Bulu Tribe Culture, and a comparison of the Leaven of Scripture and the Antibiotics of Today, respectively. Mr. Sinclair's paper was entitled Christian Philosophy versus Science.

Mr. Sykes, government ranger showed colored pictures of the area it was his job to protect. He spoke of the five resources including water, recreational facilities, timber, grass and animal life. He stressed fire prevention and control, also the hazard of over-grazing by cattle.

The Affiliation hopes to hold the eighth annual convention at Grace Theological Seminary at Winona Lake, in 1953.