Science in Christian Perspective



D. Eggenberger

From: JASA, 2, (September1950): i.

It seems in order to reaffirm the main objectives of editorial policy practiced during the past year:

(1) To promote a vigorous Christian Apologetic by demonstrating the essential agreement of historical Christianity and the facts of modern science.

(2) To permit,, within the framework of conservative theology a discussion of both sides of scientific questions on which many true Christians are known to differ.

(3) To provide scholarly., conservative enlightenment for all readers on Christian-scientific matters.

The publication of many papers in recent issues has demonstrated a striking difference in point of view, but all these papers have exhibited a fundamental unity of Christian belief.

In the light of this policy it will be evident to all that the opinions expressed in various papers are not official points of view of the American Scientific Affiliation.