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F. Alton Everest

From the Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation 1 (May 1949): 3

Moody Institute of Science Plans New Picture

Blindfolded bats avoiding obstacles, fish spawning up on dry sand, the mystery of bird immigration, hearing molecular bombardment of the eardrum in one of the quietest spots on earth are some of the subjects being treated in Moody's latest film, as yet unnamed.

The audience will hoar the ultrasonic cries of bats as they operate their locating equipment, the forerunner of modernradar and sonar. The halteres, or balancing organs, of the house fly will be demonstrated; the source of the suggestion for the latest development in gyros, the vibrating gyro.

Did those just happen? Arc they parts of a great accident? Did the laws of chance mold them?
The picture is scheduled for September 1st release and it will be shown first in civic auditoriums in the larger cities across the country. All three Moody films released to date, "God of Creation, "God of the Atom," and "Voice of the Deep" bear ASA approval. This means that a committee of ASA scientists has studied the script and the film in detail and that upon their recommendation, the council has passed upon its scientific accuracy. The new film will also be subject to this scrutiny prior to release.

ASA Members of LA Area Meet

On the evening of February 21st, the ASA group of the Los Angeles area met in Prof. Peter Stoner's new home in Altadena. The arrangements for the ASA convention in Los Angeles in August were discussed at some length. After this, critical evaluations of various chapters of Modern Science and Christian Faith were presented. Chapters so treated were those on biology, mathematics, and Christian Interpretation of Science.

The ASA members present were: Earl C. Rex, David M. Spaulding, Edgar B. Van Osdol, Hawley O. Taylor, Walter E. Lamerts, Peter W. Stoner, and F. Alton Everest. Guests were: Lewis H. Humphrey, Carl F. H. Henry, Prof. Spaulding's son, and Bernard Rarmn.

1949 Convention

Please note: the time of the 1949 convention has been tentatively set for the week of August 21st. For a consideration of several vital scientific and Christian issues, for a stimulating time of discussion by those who know, for grand Christian fellowship, and for an opportunity of seeing Southern California and points of scientific interest on field trips ---MAKE YOUR PLANS NOW TO ATTEND.