Science in Christian Perspective




A New Answer to Darwinism, by James L. Baldwin. Published by Mary E. Baldwin, Manhattan Building, Chicago 5, Illinois. $1.00.

James L. Baldwin's "A New Answer to Darwinism" says that God created a basic cell for each species and let each cell evolve into the present adult type by a predestined growth. This he calls "creo-evolution" which is similar to Augustine's "the seeds of future things, to be brought forth out of their concealment visibly in convenient places through the extent of the ages. 2)

Such a theory is a combination of evolution and creation, but it is creation of small beginnings and evolution for each species of a magnitude similar to a human body's development from a fertilized egg. The embryological facts are used to support the theory, but I think the author fails to incorporate in his thinking the many facts learned from the comparison of different species and the geographic distribution of them which indicate the derivation of some species from others. So nothing is gained in the evaluation of the many kinds of evidence which point to transformation of species.

I checked the author's chapter on "The Electrical Mechanism of Growth" with an anatomist who recently received his Ph.D from a large state university. He knew nothing of the material which Baldwin gives in his pamphlet. Either Baldwin has some bioelectric knowledge which is way beyond the kind filtering into our textbooks, or he is devising or following some ingenious theory which orthodox scientists do not commonly teach or have discarded. References to sources would be helpful to check on debatable points.

The book is written with careful use of words on a high level, and has not suffered in appearance from private printing.

November 27, 1957

R. L. Mixter